About Silver City

Silver City is a string band in the Metropolitan D.C. area that blends the best of classic country, bluegrass, folk, honky tonk, and other Americana music. Silver City plays a mix of classics and rediscovered gems from the likes of Emmylou Harris, George Jones, Willie Nelson, The Band, Bob Wills, Lyle Lovett, and many more.  Our sound combines rich vocal harmonies with guitar, fiddle, dobro, banjo, upright bass, and harmonica.  

Leta Simons (guitar, vocals). Leta's performance experience took a professional turn while she was still in her teens, hiring on as the piano player in Celebration Roadshow, a Dixieland band that toured the Midwest.  Since then, she has been a featured vocalist in various country and bluegrass bands, performed solo at a variety of venues and festivals, and spent a year in Nashville where she honed her songwriting skills.  Leta has lived most of her life in Alaska, and met Dan Pollak there in 2009 while searching for musicians on craigslist.  That worked out pretty well, and when Dan’s day job took him to D.C., Leta came along.  Hey, good bass players are hard to find.

Dan Pollak (upright bass, vocals). Dan grew up in California and performed on saxophone in various jazz and R&B bands in the San Francisco Bay Area, until his interest in bluegrass and traditional country music led him to the upright bass.  While living in Juneau, Alaska, he formed the country-folk-bluegrass trio Tidewater with Leta Simons, before relocating to the D.C. area in 2009. 

Kenny Rosen (fiddle, harmonica, vocals, guitar). Kenny first learned piano in Queens, NY, as well as guitar and harmonica back in the '60s.  Later on, he moved to Boston, MA to perform at coffee houses with acoustic guitar style solo sets. Eventually he made his way to West Virginia and began taking up the fiddle at the various mountain festivals that paid tribute to Appalachian fiddle.  That finally branched off to swing, bluegrass, ethnic, and he eventually moved to the DC area in the '80s where he performed jazz solo piano, and played in several rock and roll bands, including Midnight Flyer Bad and Sundaze Drive.

Ray Burns (banjo). Since building his first banjo in the 70’s while attending the University of Maryland, Ray has been playing the 5 string banjo in various bluegrass bands. As an original member of the Stoney Run String Band formed in the early ‘80’s, Ray performed in Maryland at local festivals. He later moved to Arizona and helped form the bluegrass band Creekside in the early ‘90’s with former members of the popular band “Scenic Route” in Prescott, Arizona. While in the southwest, the band played regularly in restaurants, pubs, at festivals, and competitions. After returning to Maryland in 1999 he rejoined Stoney Run String Band and performed in the Mid-Atlantic region at festivals, coffee houses, and restaurants, featuring a blend of traditional and contemporary bluegrass, folk, and gospel music.